Notre emplacement et nos bâtiments permettent d'adapter les livraisons de composants et de pièces décolletées selon vos besoins courants.

SadevTeq’s company values

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Taking advantage of our know-how for “Made in France” turned parts, certification and internal managing of “quality” process (ISO 9001/AS9120), quality inspection with all our suppliers, thanks to our global network. Let’s follow together the same goal: zero defect!
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Local contact

We assign sales team by geographical sector. Let’s simplify our relationship with you by using a single contact person dedicated to all your requirements!
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Even beyond our own activities: SadevTEQ is sponsoring SPORTES, the book fair for sports in Annecy. An event with an international and multidisciplinary dimension. Let’s reinforce our human values in the company and our openness to the world by contributing to the high standing of sport and literature!
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Initiating an ecological approach with our providers through ISO 14001. Let’s work in unison and choose to implement eco-responsible manufacturing!

Our history and expertise

In 1938, the company relocated to Annecy,in the French Alps. Its objective? To be closer to its suppliers and partners, primarily located in the nearby Arve Valley.

Today, SadevTEQ is one of the leaders of the precision turned parts industry, both in France and abroad. Tailor-made services and a constant pursuit of the highest standards of quality ensure SadevTEQ’s commitment to an economic partnership with its customers with complete confidence.

Your advantages

  • Serenity: 1 single contact for 1 global management program
  • Analysis: process optimization
  • Delivery times: a logistics platform at your service
  • Efficiency: Streamlined supply chain
  • Values: Understanding of your value chain
  • Technology: expertise and know-how
  • Economical: compliance with specifications at the best price
  • Quality: Certified NF EN 9120 / ISO 9001 compliant

Our services

Competitive quotations: our outstanding relationships with our suppliers allow us to access very favourable prices for producing all types of turned and screw machined parts.

High reactivity: we answer to your requests within 48 hours. Thanks to our worldwide network of production partners, we can choose the optimal solutions for you in the shortest time.

Expert sourcing: based on our 75 years’ experience, each year we choose by auditing both French and International suppliers. We maintain daily contact with them to follow up their production plannings, with their delivery deadlines and their production machinery development.

Strong technical skills: with a team coming from the turning and screw machining industry to better target your requirements. We have the knowledge necessary to run a production plan adapted to your parts, to your series and to all of your technical and economic requirements.

Certified parts: each production is followed up in accordance with your requirements and with your specifications. We also perform an additional in-house inspection of your parts.

Pierre_GalliPierre GalliSales manager France« Our goal is to simplify your routine tasks. The quality of our products, the flexibility of our organization, our fast delivery lead times, and the competitiveness of our prices are all key to making your life easier.  »

Sales team


Christophe Capron

Director+33 4 50 33 70 40

Pierre Galli

Sales manager France+33 4 50 33 70 41

Alexandra Kugler

Sales DACH+33 4 50 33 70 57

Xavier David-Vonne

Connectors USA-Germany+33 4 50 33 70 29

Sylvestre Nowakowski

Sales France-Export+33 4 50 33 70 68

Paul Tassi

Sales DACH+33 4 50 33 70 18

Quality team


Vincent Baud-Naly

Quality manager+33 4 50 33 70 20

Benjamin Havez

Quality control+33 4 50 33 70 42

Logistics team